Kasey Isaksen

Nominated By: Eric Isaksen, Husband

Kasey is amazing. For starters, she left her family and friends in Nevada and moved across the country to Lawton so I could take my dream job here. She has always been extremely supportive of me like that. She takes care amazing of our three kids, Ella (9), Brody (6) and Ryker (not yet 1). She is the best mom to them and she deserves this so much.


Nominated By: Abby Brue, Daughter

She is always making sure is kids are taken care of and even beyond our basic needs. She brings me food at dance, she doesn’t have to do that. But she does because she knows that I’ll be hungry. She supports us in everything we do and she’s our #1 fan. I find that she puts her own needs on the back burner and always puts us first.


Nominated By: Abram Thomas, Husband

She deals with me on a daily basis

Kathy Sabol

Nominated By: Andrew Sabol, Husband

All throughout our children’s (Jonathan’s and Stephanie’s) lives she has been extremely active in everything they have done. While I was in the military deployed to Iraq or stationed in Korea, Kathy stood strong and did an outstanding job raising our kids alone. I am so proud of her!! Kathy works her job at Academy and still finds time to volunteer to hold the incredibly important and stressful position of treasurer for the Eisenhower high school choir booster club supporting our daughter Stephanie for the past 4 years. She is very dedicated to anything she does without looking for any recognition for herself. Please consider Kathy for this honor because she really deserves something special like this. Thank you very much.

Shannon Helgeson

Nominated By: Brandon Helgeson, Husband

My wife and I are the proud parents of four children. She resently became the sole provider for our household and a job she loves and is good at. After working long hours she still finds the strength to go to the gym, do school activities, and still do thing with us on the weekends. On top of all this, she is still the one who prepares out dinners (I did for a while then the family desided that wasn’t a good idea). With our limited funds, it hard for any one of us to do something nice for ourselves. My wife does so much for us, it would be awesome of we could do this for her.

Thank you very much
The Helgeson family

Katie Veenhuizen

Nominated By: Thomas Hudson, Dance Mom

Katie is basiclly superwoman/supermom. She runs a studio with 100+ students, puts on big productions, while teaching at Cameron University , and participating in community outreach projects. All this is done while still being a mother and a wife! She always has a radiant smile with an optimistic attitude despite the situation. Im not sure I could think of anyone more deserving!
The Helgeson family