The Voice

Pursuing a love for television and acting, Cynthia Sosa received a bachelor degree in Radio and Television Production from Cameron. Always dreaming of staring on the silver screen, a final lab changed the course of her passion, launching a career in radio.

Devoted to her community, continually striving to give her all, to improve the lives of every ear who listens to the station, Cynthia is committed to providing the highest quality programming to the listening area. She has built a career promoting the messages of nonprofits, working to educate the community and share much-needed information. Understanding the power of the radio, the power of an educational message, Cynthia works to ensure all parties are represented, each listening area is equally supported. Through key partnerships, collaborations and relationships Cynthia is able to connect with people with much-needed information and services.

While Cynthia’s work is glamourous and has created a fan base, her heart remains true to her purpose and mission, serving her community. Continually working to promote activities, groups, fundraisers and individuals she is never still. Known for her voice, her heart is her greatest asset. Cynthia invests countless hours every semester teaching classes, working to help people achieve their best self possible. Through her job at the radio station, she works and mentors future radio stars, instilling in them a love of community.

Her eclectic tastes and experiences with other cultures have gifted Cynthia with a heart to love all, eyes to see all and a voice to share. Driven to collect information, she shares every piece of information with anyone who needs it. Her self-less passion to educate all who she encounters makes her an asset to more than her listeners. She is the voice of a community, the guide to resources and information, the champion of those looking for answers and help

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