The Vigilant

On first glance, Chadd appears to be a young man with a well laid out plan. Striving to have a successful career in law enforcement. Chadd is quick to take every opportunity available to better himself. Yet underneath this stoic exterior, lies the heart of a superhero.

From the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, CNMI, he grew up entrenched in the Pacific Islander culture of strong ties to family and community. Always grateful for the incredible mom and dad who chose him and his siblings, he has strived since the moment of truth, the moment of choice, to make life better for all involved, to be supportive, to be the barrier between the bad and his family.

His parents are extremely proud, his mother sends reports home to the island, even convincing the local media to write stories on Chadd’s accomplishments. For many, he is a hero, he has made it off the island, has a great career, and has never forgotten his roots. But Chadd sees it all differently.

Most days he is simply a guy who is engaged and raising two step-sons. Like everyone else, he has his struggles, his setbacks, the challenges which could prevent his success and stop him from achieving his dreams. But unlike most, he believes he is rich. He has a home, a love, children and a dog. For him, he has achieved everything.

Encased by a humbleness born through tragedy, he is the rising phoenix. But he is far from the tragic hero, he does not suffer from hubris. Rather, he is deep, thoughtful, and vigilant to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Always looking for ways to pay back the kindness shown to him by police officers and his parents, he is the rock, the steadfast soul who rights wrongs, protects the innocent and gives back to his community.

Far from cliché, he is all heart. While he has known true evil, he has not allowed it to harden his heart. Rather, he has taken the hurt and used it to catapult his career, to enable him to give more than he receives.

Days on patrol can be tedious, life is hard, people can be so mean. In a culture where news of police encounters ending in an undesired fashion have become common in the media, Chadd is stays focused on being an officer everybody can look to. True to his heart, his badge and his oath, he truly is watchful, watching for ways to help others overcome pain.

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