The Storyteller

Telling stories has become more than a profession for Caitlin, it has become her passion. After a childhood spent outside, a love for fishing, hunting and hiking set the stage for her career and passion. A budding new reporter, Caitlin began her career in San Angelo, Texas. There among the open plains and prairies, Caitlin found the answer to an internal struggle she was unaware of, a way to tell happy stories, to report the positive, to educate her viewers about the importance of preserving the farming and ranching industry.

After several years, experiences, and a few channel changes, Caitlin has settled into her role well. Sharing well researched, fair and unbiased pieces, she takes her profession and role seriously. She understands what few news anchors do, often times, her story, her perspective, is the all the viewers hear or see. Her time on air is more than just reporting, it is about engaging her viewers, educating them on topics particularly important to our area.

Never one to shrink away from a story, the young reporter had to find a way to preserve her passion, to protect herself from the ugliness and jadedness of the world. In the rare wisdom of youth, in the moments of brilliance only an eager and innocent mind can create, Caitlin found her answer. In each area she serves, she identifies an issue of great importance on several levels. This issue becomes her beacon, her happiness amid the drudgery and sometimes frightening world. This beacon guides her soul, preserving her passions and protecting her heart. This issue becomes the happy stories, the educational stories, the fight to preserve a way of life- this issue becomes her joy.

Living in southwest Oklahoma, Caitlin has learned the importance of farming and ranching. Many overlook agriculture industries, taking for granted the role they play. The agriculture industries are the heartbeat of America, they are among the original industries which created and sustained our country through countless periods of strife and conflict. These brave men and women who work 365 days a year in rain, sleet, snow and heat ensure we have healthy food to eat.

Agriculture is the cornerstone to the national, state and local economies. Much of Oklahoma is dedicated to the development of ranches and farms. Middle schools and high schools across our state participate in FFA, 4H and OSU Extension programs. Families sacrifice weekends to travel the state so their children can show the animals they are raising. More than one prom date has arrived in an old farm truck, danced a two-step in cowboy boots and fallen in love in the expanse of a hay field. This is the heartland; this is a way of life.

Yet, knowingly understanding the importance of agriculture industries, the media, mainstream America and economic developers choose to overlook the farmers and ranchers. High school counselors push sexy career paths, colleges talk about countless majors and minors, the path to the next Fortune 500 company. Rarely do they speak on the importance of agriculture.

In her quiet, astute manner, Caitlin observed this. She watched as farmers and ranchers diligently went about their business, never seeking praise or thanks, actively avoiding the camera. But in her wisdom, Caitlin knew someone had to be the voice of the farmers and ranchers, someone needed to showcase the hard work of FFA and 4H groups, someone needed to educate the local community, to garner support and positive reactions, to educate on legislation and bills, to ensure the agriculture industry is preserved.

Professional to a T, optimistic about the future, Caitlin is the voice for every story without a voice. She brings to life and shows her viewers what few other reporters do. She shares her passion, not to build a career, but to educate her viewers.

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