The Sherpa

Sharing the majesty of nature with people who have never experienced it before, leading people to new trails, helping people face their fears, is all in a day’s work for Randy Hale. Sharing his passion for nature, his exuberance for fresh air and the sun on his skin, Randy has turned his passion into a lifelong career.

Understanding the importance, power and beauty of nature, Randy has built a career entrenched in the preservation and enjoyment of nature. Introducing people to the grandeur of nature, taking life-long cement dwellers and minimizing their fear through patient education, support and leading of hikes are among his favorite activities. Always equally attune to the needs of the Refuge as well as the needs visitors, hikers and guests Randy is present with encouraging words and when needed, water.

Randy’s passion does not stop with people or the Refuge, he advocates cares for animals, both residents of the refuge and visitors. Mindful of the damage hot surfaces and grounds can do to the paws of dogs. Randy strives to ensure the Refuge is safe, protected and enjoyable for all, humans and animals.

His draw to nature, his calling and passion are fulfilled from the magic and peace he draws from being one with nature. He has come to appreciate the medicinal effects the outdoors and Mother Nature can have on people. Randy has learned what so many have not, to value all life and every living organism contributes to our world, has purpose and value. Equally advocating for the safety of dog and human hikers, preserving the wildlife who call the Refuge home, Randy will do all he can to ensure each living being who crosses his path will be appreciated and well cared for.

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