The Planter

Farming, the cornerstone of our country, a key piece of economic development, and the heartbeat of our nation, is managed by quiet, strong men who have dirt in their blood and seeds in their veins. Farming is not for the faint of heart, the weak in the knee, or those who buckle under crisis. Farming is for the brave, the courageous, the fighters. Those brave enough to plant a crop and dare Mother Nature to do her best, to wreak havoc on their crops knowing the crops were so well planned, they will survive. Farming is for people like Fred Wyatt.

A born farmer, Fred is the son and grandson of farmers. A grizzled, gnarled exterior worn by weather and the stress of hard labor hide the heart of a family man, a man driven to create a life for his family, a legacy for his grandsons. Proud father to two daughters, both working in the agricultural industry, he is working to instill a love for the land in his grandsons. Adept to changes, utilizing modern technology to improve his techniques and yield, he is no stranger to long hours and hard work. Understanding the nature of crops, what it takes to raise a successful crop, he has expanded his fields to ensure healthy crop rotation and to produce enough to support his family.

Yet under this front, the modern-day frontiersman is far more about his family, the memories of his daughters and memories to come than he is about his farm. Reminiscing about past family holidays and weekends spent traveling to cow and animal showings with his daughters, he sounds like the richest man in America. Perhaps having his fingers in the soil, connecting with the earth and her treasures, coaxing crops to bloom from dry dirt and stones has given Fred a clear perspective on what is important in life and what isn’t. Family holidays at his mother’s house still rank high on his top ten list.

Managing the stress of farming has made Fred quiet, thoughtful and calm. Able to face chaos, storms and crises with the quiet fortitude of deep knowledge that tomorrow the sun will come out, life will go on and through the circle of life, the balance will be preserved. Fred, in footsteps of the farmers before him, his contemporaries and those to come, will quietly preserve a way of life, the history of this country and continue to support the foundations of our economy.

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