The Investor

Adrienne Davis is a giant among men. She has the unique talent of seeing people for who they really are, of seeing beyond what some would call mistakes. Where others criticize and judge she loves and supports struggles with addiction and mental health. Adrienne quite simply spends her days investing love, compassion and worth into the people society has turned their backs on, deemed unfixable and worthless.

Adrienne has an uncanny understanding of people which was born in her early youth. Using past hurts and scars, lessons learned and truths revealed, she is working to change the world one meal at a time. So many who offer help, who lend a hand, do so with strings attached, in search of accolades or with hopes of relishing the self-glory attached. Not Adrienne. A pure soul, she looks at people and sees who they are, she reaches out and dares to offer hope to those who are hopeless.

Spending her weeks planning meals, shopping, prepping and serving, Adrienne cooks food filled with self-worth, pride and self-esteem. To some, she may seem strict, even hard, but in reality, she is offering true love, a love strong enough to say, “I see you and your humanity. I will not allow you to behave in a way which dehumanizes you.” She expects good manners and asks for help, she offers a true hand up, she invests in those many have written off.

Looking towards the future, Adrienne has begun aquaponic farming. She dreams of having a location where instead of feeding people, she can teach them to raise fish and vegetables, to have plenty to eat and some to sell. She plans to expand to a place where all who come, all are welcome, can receive the gift of being seen, of knowing someone else sees their humanity.

While most worry about personal investments, business deals and creating wealth, Adrienne worries about her people. She continuously looks for new programs, opportunities and ways she can invest, build people up, and help them grow their self-worth.

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