The Fighter

The life of a firefighter is more than rescuing kittens from trees and teaching fire safety, it is filled with moments of great intensity, harrowing escapes from the burning bite of flames, the first on the scene of an accident, fighting to save lives. For Codie Howell, facing these fears in 24-hour shifts is the stuff dreams are made of.

A dedicated family man, Codie has spent his career caring for his family and saving lives. For Codie, his career choice is not about heroics or gallantry, rather it is about the preservation of the safety of his community. Being able to help someone on their worst day is a great day for Codie.

Raising his children, Codie has always taught them to never give up on their dreams. Understanding the danger their dad places himself in every shift does not upset or scare them. Rather his children understand this is their father’s dream, this is who their father is. His wife, an RN in the ER should have a good understanding of what her husband does, but rather than dwell on the danger, on the what could be, she focuses on the fire education safety her husband teaches and the occasional cat rescue.

As his children grew, Codie realized he missed more and more. He is a proud dad, taking every opportunity he can to spend time with his kids. Thinking it may be time to trade in his boots and hose for a safer job with stable hours, he asked his children what they thought. Emulating the lessons taught by their dad, they said no. They were taught to never give up on what they love, to always follow their dream. They expected no less from their father.

Codie spends days protecting the community, holding hands and helping others. The remaining days he spends loving his wife and children, relishing the moments of fatherhood and embracing the pride he feels as he watches his children grow.

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