The Educator

Angela Price did not begin her career as a teacher, nor was she aware of the deep passion burning within her. After graduating with a degree in Accounting, Angela built a career balancing books and double-checking figures. After becoming a mom, Angela chose to stay home with her children until her youngest entered school. At that moment, faced with the decision to return to her career, she realized her heart was not in numbers anymore.

Reflecting on jobs which piqued her passion, Angela chose to teach. She wanted to be the kind of teacher she would choose for her own children. At that moment, what she thought was just a simple decision, was the beginning of a legacy of investment in children and our future.

As an English and Social Studies 5thgrade teacher in Elgin, Angela is living her dream job. An avid historian, she unequivocally believes history holds the keys for our future, the preservation of our story and can be the guiding light along the journey of life. Through countless hours of research, training, seminars and travel, Angela works to bring the history of the United States to life for her students. Not one to shy away from the ugly, unglamorous and painful parts of our history, she works to teach her students the truth.

Driven to create generations of knowledgeable, productive citizens and community members, she has dedicated her career to instilling the power of the truth to each student. Where so many teachers and history books gloss over certain portions of our history, Angela bravely faces them and presents them in very age-appropriate ways. Through her dedication, she is changing the world one fifth-grader at a time.

As dedicated to fellow teachers as she is to her students, she invests hours sharing lessons learned, mentoring, lifting up and encouraging. To future teachers, she is an inspiration, a voice of hope when others mock the choice. To her community, she is investing in tomorrow. And to her family, she is the world who holds them together and encourages their dreams.

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