The Director

Taking a step-in faith, Cynthia took the position of Storm Water Manager as a way to expand her knowledge. Little did she know she was finding her passion. Having worked with water and water treatment prior, she has a strong understanding for the preciousness of this limited resource. Working to educate the community, to preserve our water sources and protect Lawton from potential flooding, Cynthia spends her days giving a voice to water.

Many people fail to understand that water is a limited resource, while 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water and the oceans hold approximately 96.5% of earth’s water, water is not a renewable resource. Protecting what we have to ensure the longevity of the supply is vital. Water is a carrier, it will carry what we place in it, changing clean water to unusable water.

While some people actively work to protect water, many of us take it for granted. We simply believe every time we turn our faucets on, we will have clean water. What we fail to see is the work of people like Cynthia. Flooding, water shortage and contaminated water are serious issues surrounding any and every community. Cynthia works daily with her department to ensure the residents of Lawton and surrounding areas are well protected and safeguarded to have clean water and little flooding.

Cynthia takes her work seriously. Continuously surveying flood plans, flood pathways and streams and creeks, her team is prepared for disaster. Utilizing several different researched scenarios, as well as ingenuity, experience and common sense, the team, under Cynthia’s guidance works through plans, making minor adjustments as needed. Because of their steadfast work the city suffers minimal flooding during storms.

Continuing efforts to preserve resources, providing education, and continuously cleaning water sources, as well as storm drains, flood plains and streets Cynthia protects our water. A dedicated and passionate professional, she does what few can, she directs the results of inclement weather, navigating our tenuous relationship with our changing climate to ensure the preservation of clean water.

Few people take the time to think about our natural resources, let alone work with Mother Nature. It is the special few, those who truly understand the value of our ecosystem, who remain cool, calm and collected in the fury of a storm who ensure we will continue to thrive.

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