The Creator

Shailah Red Elk never pictured herself as an artist, let alone a business owner. She had planned a structured, timeless career studying psychology. Yet the universe and her spirituality had a different path chosen. Today, she is a widely known artist, proud of her local community, continuously giving and investing in others as she mentors and pours herself into her daughter.

Artists are often accused of seeing the external person, and not the person who lives inside, the passion and spirit of their subject. Others would say artists have a clear perspective which can cut through the mirid of fakeness and see what truly exists. Shailah has the gift of not hiding flaws and scars, but rather illuminating them, showing the grace and lessons learned as valuable. Mimicking the Japanese belief of Kintsukuroi, she fills the cracks, holes and lines with gold.

Dedicated to her community, driven by her faith, Shailah gives more than she receives. Taking lessons learned the hard way, she, in turn, invests in local and new artists, small businesses and the community as a whole. Filling her spirit with the growth and success of others, her bucket continuously runs over. Facilitating art classes, community beautification and development, she never shies from a challenge nor turns her back. Eclectic yet elegant, she shines with inner beauty, a sparkle, an energy of love to all she encounters.

Yet, no matter how famous her store, designs or art becomes, her passion is her family. Able to build one of her own, she dedicates herself to her daughter, enjoying the flexibility of owning her own business provides. Able to always have her daughter with her, she relishes in family time. Dreaming of one day being a full-time mom, of being able to love those who need it, to invest her energy and spirit in the future, she is quick to speak of the accomplishments of her daughter before her own. Family is her world, her driver, which enables her to take the world on one mural at a time.

Certain of her purpose, she continuously works to instill character and tenacity in her daughter. Accomplishments, accolades and riches mean little for a woman driven to invest in others. Next to the pride she feels for her daughter, the pride she feels when she can invest in an artist, provide opportunities for them, advance their careers drives her to fulfill her purpose.

The love of the outdoors has taken Shailah and her family across the country. Exploring the world one hike or camping trip at a time, the love of her hometown, the love of Lawton drives her back each time. Committed to making this community a better place, she partners with local initiatives, promotes other small businesses and creates synergy.

The world is an oyster. Scars need to be healed, emotions shared and above all else others need support. Through her faith, business and family, Shailah does just that and will continue to provide inspiration and investment in the future of others for years to come.

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