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The Catalyst

Visual storytellers, preservers of moments, photographers fill many roles. Moments in history were captured by the brave few who dared to be present with no more than a camera. Defenseless to the chaos, violence, hate and war around them photographers have captured moments many would rather forget. Yet for the brave few, the ones who understand the power of a photo, the risk is worth the end result, the moment preserved survives to educate, astound, and impact generations to come.

Not all moments captured are negative, most are beautiful, monumental, breathtaking once in a lifetime preservations of love, happiness, victory and freedom. No matter the emotion of the moment captured, the moments are captured because of photographers. Chris Martin, photographer, videographer, and chronicler of life has had the opportunity to capture the raw beauty of nature, the fierceness of the ocean, the clash of lightning as it finds its target.

Photography is more than just capturing a pretty face, a unique tree or the perfect sunset. It is about freezing a moment in time and with it the very emotions, scents and feelings associated with it. The art of photography ensures each time you look at a photo of the ocean you feel the sand between your toes, feel the rush and power of the waves and smell the faint hint of fish, seaweed and salt in the air. Or feel deep horror and sadness when looking at a picture of a natural diaster’s aftermath. Photography captures moments and allows others to experience moments for years to come.

Always behind the camera, it is rare to capture an image of a photographer. More comfortable in control of the lighting, angle and subject, Chris exercises his skills, his raw talent to save moments, capture memories. Removing all focus from himself, he pours his heart into his art, sharing his voice and vision with the capturing of one second in time.

A true artist, tortured by his gift, his need for perfection, he is known for working himself to exhaustion to ensure the vision he had is perfected. Communicating the very song of his heart, his expression of beauty in his photos capture moments in a rare intensity, a clear perspective of exactly what he saw with his mind’s eye. No longer will the saying “It belongs in a museum” haunt an artist The ability to digitally recreate their art allows all of humanity to experience their moments.

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