Have you ever looked at the water running from your faucet or a loaf of bread in the grocery store and wondered where they came from? Have you ever looked at a happy family with children who don’t quite match the parents and wonder how they found each other? Or find yourself curious about what firefighters and police officers do all day? What about the trails we enjoy hiking, who maintains them and keeps us safe when we stray from the path? Or the news we hear, or the PSAs for a nonprofit that saved a life? What about the people who take care of the forgotten with compassion, giving them dignity and self-worth? Or the people who spend their lives righting injustices, daring to rock the status-quo no matter the odds? What about the teachers who spend their days, nights and weekends cultivating a lesson to share with students? Or the people who sacrifice everything, including parenthood to defend our rights?

This is the story of a sampling of unsung heroes, the people who dedicate their lives to serving others. The people who remain in the shadows, giving their all, expecting nothing in return, to ensure the safety and future of our existence. This is the epic tale of the unsung heroes who dedicate their lives to others.

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