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The sun sets over Quanah Parker Lake in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge while covered in lily pads

Lawton Landscape Photography | Wichita Mountains 2014

If ever you're given the opportunity to watch a sunset or exercise your landscape photography skills from the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, north of Lawton, please take it. Some of the best landscapes and sunsets in Oklahoma are visible…
One of many great shots from a senior portrait shoot in Southwest Oklahoma
The sun sets over a Southwest Oklahoma Cotton Field

Oklahoma Landscape Photographer | Chattanooga

  I had been looking for this shot for a while. There are several hundred miles of back roads in SW Oklahoma begging me to leave Lawton on an exploratory excursion. Quite often I'll find a scene similar to this but the environment contains…
Iconic Chicago Apartment Towers

Cityscape Photographer | Chicago 2014

Oh Chicago. You beautifully windy city. I love visiting you, even with your atrociously high crime rates. Your skyline in unmistakable and your visuals are unmissable. I went a few days in Chi-town for the Story 2014 conference in early October.…
Japanese Maple in Portland, Oregon's Japanese Garden
An old barn stands watch over the foothills of the Montana Rocky Mountains