Cityscape Photographer | Chicago 2014

Iconic Chicago Apartment Towers

Oh Chicago. You beautifully windy city. I love visiting you, even with your atrociously high crime rates. Your skyline in unmistakable and your visuals are unmissable. I went a few days in Chi-town for the Story 2014 conference in early October. I got up earlier than normal and stayed out later than usual to get some of these shots. I ended up in locations that didn’t feel all that safe but were probably complete innocuous. I captured more of my surroundings on film than digital during this trip. I’m not sure what inspired that decision but it was a blast to see what developed a couple of weeks after my return.

Cloud Gate at Millennium Park Pano

Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate at Millennium Park Pano

Downtown Chicago from the Gold Coast

CBOT Library from LaSalle LaSalle and Randolph

Washington Block Washington and Wells

VanBuren and Financial Place Cloud Gate at Millennium Park

Marina City


Landscape Photographer | Oregon 2014

Japanese Maple in Portland, Oregon's Japanese Garden


Landscape Photographer | Montana 2014

An old barn stands watch over the foothills of the Montana Rocky Mountains


Landscape Photography | Glacier 2014

Bearhat Mountain looms over Hidden Lake at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, Montana


Landscape Photographer | Yosemite 2014

Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, California as seen from Four Mile Trail