About chrisMARTIN.tv

I was born and raised in Oklahoma, My journey behind the camera started around the age of 7 with my grandmother’s Polaroid 600 and my mother’s Canon 35mm. If there was a camera within arm’s reach, I could be found burning through exposures, waiting eagerly for the final image to be delivered from the lab. 

I moved to Lawton in the Spring of 2010, making the jump to a full-time photography career in late 2014 when I opened my first studio focusing on commercial photography, headshots, real estate photography and luxury high school senior portraits. When I’m not in the studio or with a client, you can typically find me in the field chasing sunsets or thunderstorms, trying to capture that jaw dropping, once in a lifetime, unique shot. 

The continually changing weather and landscapes have created within me a desire to capture each moment in a way which tells a story. Memories are as fleeting as the weather, moments last but seconds, yet these fleeting instances, when captured, tell the story of existence, frozen eternally which will ensure the story is never forgotten. 

Capturing these unique moments is my passion. I am a storyteller, working to preserve memories, creating images to pass on to future generations. These photos preserve the closest to perfect moments, freezing them in time. This is the story of my work.

Through honed skills, countless hours of practice and dedication to precision, my images transport you to the moment, allowing you to hear the waves crashing against the shore, smell the pine trees in the air of the early morning fog or feel the revving engine of a car speeding down an open road.

Combining my love for landscapes and travel, with the desire to capture and create moments, I offer my clients my skillset wherever they’d like me to travel. Taking clients to the perfect destination to capture a moment, creating a memorable, once in a lifetime experience, while telling the subject’s story, is the quintessence of who I am; a photographer.