About chrisMARTIN.tv

Born and raised in central and southern Oklahoma, the continually changing weather and landscapes have created within me a desire to capture each moment in a way which tells a story. Memories are as fleeting as the weather, moments last but seconds, yet these fleeting seconds, when captured, tell the story of humanity, create an image, frozen for eternity which will forever ensure the story is never forgotten. Telling our story, preserving these moments, chronicling our lives preserves our memories, creates a legacy. As long as we are remembered, we live on.

Capturing and creating these unique moments is my passion. I am a storyteller, working to preserve your memories, creating images to pass on to future generations. These photos preserve the most perfect moments, freezing them in time. This is the story of my work.

Rather than working to capture the perfect shot, I work to create and capture the moment. Through honed skills, countless hours of practice and dedication to precision, my images transport you to the moment, allowing you to hear the waves crashing against the shore, smell the salt in the air and hear the cries of the sirens and mermaids, as you feel each grain of sand on your feet. Imagine having the luxury to conquer fate, to tell the sisters of fate, the incarnations of destiny, a moment will be relieved over and over, never to be forgotten.

Combining my love for landscapes and travel, with the desire to capture and create moments, I offer my clients a traveling photographer. Taking clients to the perfect destination to capture a moment, creating a memorable, once in a lifetime experience, while telling your story, is my work.